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Join LIC as an



Earn more than

Flexible work timings

Be your own boss

Opportunity to help thousands of families

Unlimited income potential


Golden Opportunity

to Join India's

No. 1 Insurance Co.

College Students

Job seekers



Travel Agents

Retired Persons

Tax Consultants


Marketing Executives

Join LIC as an Agent

earn from lic

Why you have to

 join LIC as an


If you want to make Rs. 50000 to 1,00,000 monthly without any Investment then join us as an advisor.

You can bring true all your dreams like New House New Car, etc., When you choose this wonderful Agency Profession.

You can give employment to others in this Profession by being a professional and reach the status of Boss.. So we request you to join this Agency Profession to Serve your Home as well as the nation.

Join LIC as
Insurance Consultant

earn from lic

I recall when I was working in a BPO (Call Centre) 2 years back with a lot of workload, stress and no freedom. Then I resigned my job and joined LIC as a Professional Agent Now I earn a lot with Happiness and I feel independent...

-Ashwin - Engineer

When I was working as a Teacher, I took up Agency with LIC as a Part-time Professionand earned happily an additional Income formy family.

Miss. Gayathro-Teacher

join lic easily
income from lic

Even after retirement, I am not dependent on anyone for my requirements, as I have engaged myself as an Insurance Consultant with LIC

- Mr. Sundaram-Rtd. Person

After my college timings, I have taken Agency with LIC as Part-time and started earning while learning to fulfil all my academic expenses. If it is useful for me... Why not you?


income from lic

Attractive Commission Rates

On any standard Policy that you procure, you shall be paid the following Commission Rates:

35% of 1st year premium.
7.5% 2nd & 3rd year premium.
5% thereafter till the Policy Continues.

Every time a Policyholder pays his Installment Premium, the Agent receives his commission. Guaranteed life long income from LIC .

join lic easily

That Means

income from lic

Magic of Renewal Commissions

income from lic
Total Premium Collection -2,75,00,000
Total Renewal Commission @ 5% will be 13,75,000 P.A.
Recurring Consistent Income 1,14,583 P.M.
earn from lic

International Recognition


Period - 1st Jan to 31st Dec Qualifying

Commission - 875,500

Premium - 3,502,000


Period 1st Jan to 31st Dec Qualifying

Commission - 2,626,500

Premium - 10,506,000


Period 1st Jan to 31st Dec Qualifying

Commission - 5,253,000
Premium - 21,012,000

For One MDRT 14,600 monthly income till your policy get maturity.

Additional 2 lac to 3 lac cash awards


Club Membership
is the recognition given for outstanding performance to agents

Corporate Club Membership
Galaxy Club Membership
Chairman's Club Membership
Zonal Manager's Club Membership
Divisional Manager's Club Membership
Branch Manager's Club Membership
Distinguished Club Membership
earn from lic

your own pension

As Years pass by, the Renewal Commission starts building up. There by assuring you a pension for the next 20 to 25 years & the beauty of it is. If it all anything happened to you, your family will get

"HEREDITARY INCOME" till all the policies gets maturity

Join lic easily

over other Professions

Becoming an LIC agent can render multiple benefits. Given below is a tentative list of a few of them:

Attractive Commission on Sales of Policies

Retirement Benefits

Interest Free Loan

Endless Income Potential


Posthumous benefits

Fulfill your dreams

Performance perks

International Recognition

join lic easily

from our side

We will provide you with world class training and support your need to make your career a success.

Regular counseling & monitoring.

Strong back office support.

Powerful products to cater to the needs of every individual.

Encouragements through various Competitions & Rewards.

Joint calls to meeting clients.

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